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    Full House Organic Kitchen is the only USDA certified organic restaurant in New York State(*certification by NOFA). We provide complete and delicious meals using only the best possible certified organic ingredients.

    Food is prepared fresh daily, and purchased from the best vendors - those who are committed to the principles of food production and see an opportunity to effect positive change.

    Beef and dairy are grass fed and certified organic, which means that the animals were raised in open pastures and given a diet that is consistent with what their bodies were designed to process. Poultry is sourced directly from Dartagnan.

    We use only fiber and plant-based bioplastics in packaging and utensils, rather than petrochemical based plastics, which are proven carcinogenics, leeching into the food surfaces they come in contact with. We never use plastic bags, and we use reverse osmosis filtered water with an increased ph in all the cooking and cleaning of vegetables and meats. We carry a line of certified organic snacks and lifestyle products, including BAO Shots and Kombucha, Farmhouse Chips and Gut Shots, Sipp sodas, and Remedy nut based protein drinks.

    Note: Using the best, certified organic ingredients and implementing sustainable, clean practices comes at a greater cost to us, but we simply won’t sacrifice quality for price.